My Editing Style

Understanding and being able to see a retoucher’s editing style is important.  Below you can use the slider to go between what a typical image looks like nearly straight out of the camera when proper techniques are used and a fully edited (Level 3) image.  The original image, on the left, also has a basic color correction applied, also called white balance.  A photographer must have a calibrated monitor and be able to understand how a histogram works or a grey card.  They also need to understand the basics of color theory. 

Under the slider, are four images of my friend, Sara.  The image on the left is straight out of the camera (a RAW image, if you will) and moving right are levels 2, 3, and 4.  Level 4 is magazine quality, completely smoothed but still leaving the appearance of pores in the skin and skin texture.  Level 4 does not include any body molding, removal of extreme stretchmarks (while they will be lightened quite a bit) or poorly applied makeup, among other issues.  You are welcome to choose the level of editing for your pictures.  This is a personal preference and everyone likes something different.

Is there any retouching that is not included? 

There are several issues that all women have concerns with.  Basic editing is included, which is what you see in the images on this website.  Extreme editing may include but not limited to: every single stretch mark, bruise, scar etc. removed; under eye circles; matching skin tones from DIY makeup; self tanner problems; tan lines; and body molding and could be subject to additional fees.  This is strictly on a case by case basis.  Any additional editing after my professional opinion of ‘finished editing’ will require a fee of $75 per image paid prior to start. As a source of comparison, the images shown on my website are finalized images without extreme editing.


Sessions With Me

I have been shooting boudoir and women for a long time.  I have taken over 35,000 frames of different women from 7 different states.  The image to the right is a screenshot of the properties of my boudoir client’s folders, separated into their approved level of usage.  Inside each of the 1, 2, & 3 folders, are many client’s names, and then inside their specific folder are their final image backups. So, if we roughly divide 1,111 by 2, we are sitting around 500 women I have taken pictures of.  And yes, that is a folder of my own self-images, because if I don’t know what a pose feels like to be right, how can I possibly ask you to get into it?  I practice on myself and it has paid off well for me and my husband! 😉 

These women are moms, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, sisters, aunts, wives, girlfriends, and single women!  They are massage therapists, teachers, pastor’s wives, newscasters, photographers, engineers, designers, pharmacists, programmers, accountants, students, friends, and strangers (and more, of course).  They all scheduled sessions for different reasons: for fun, to step out of their comfort level, give their loved one (or themselves) a gift, to reward themselves – but something they all walked away with was a higher held head, empowerment, excitement, a boost of self-confidence, and feeling sexy and beautiful.

I simply cannot express how incredibly important to a woman’s fragile psyche and emotional vision of herself it is to schedule a boudoir session with an experienced photographer who is incredibly familiar with proper lighting techniques, shadowing, Photoshop, and especially posing.  If a woman who is struggling with self-image is shown a picture of herself in a difficult lighting situation, she is going to have a difficult time moving past the session and a cruddy experience will ruin her forever for any possibility of having a good experience with someone who knows what they are doing in the future.

Please do not sell yourself short because of the cost of a good, experienced photographer.  Work out a payment plan and get the images, products, and experiences you deserve and want, whether it’s with Pretty Jane or someone else.


Who takes the pictures?

Just me. There are significant others allowed – or any men, ever.  This is because I want my client to feel comfortable.  She needs to feel comfortable with herself before she can truly feel comfortable with someone else.  Pretty Jane Boudoir & Lingerie is an ALL female staff whom you will meet before your session.  If your significant other would like to be more involved, I suggest getting their opinion on which way they would like the session to go.  My clients need to figure out who they are doing the session for; themselves or a lover or both, and then plan and shoot accordingly.

Who retains the copyright?

I retain/own all copyrights. Should you purchase any digital files, you will gain print rights. With each session you have full control on how or if the images are used on my website, blog, or in advertising or if at all.




What’s the cost?

The initial investment is $200 for the session. Pretty Jane offers easy, comfortable payment plans for all sessions.  On average, clients invest around $600-$1200. I try to help keep the expenses of these sessions down because as you purchase lingerie, makeup, hair, etc they tend to add up pretty quick, especially if you are visiting Victoria’s for outfits.  Here’s a tip, skip Vicky’s and click on the “SHOP LINGERIE” in the navigation bar.  I have hundreds of pieces available.  

Where do we shoot?

Typically, my sessions can be held at your place, mine or at local hotel, but due to COVID we will be required to shoot only on location at a local hotel. To avoid adding additional expense to your session, we are going halvies on the room so that we aren’t entering the other’s home endangering our families unintentionally. I will book the hotel room and will deduct your half from your order. Rest assured, I will look for the best deal in a place I’m comfortable shooting at.  

Will I receive the digital files from my session and will the images be retouched? If so, how much?

Image files are available for purchase.  Each ordered image is individually hand retouched and removed from any blemishes, smoothing of the skin, and enhancement of the eyes. I will bring all the images to a Level 2 editing phase. Level 4 is what you would see in magazines or in your purchased album.  Feel free to choose your editing level based on the image of my friend Sara above.  On the left, the image is straight from the camera.  On the right is Level 4.  Everyone has their own preferences, I’m happy to make sure you receive images that look like you, just glammed up a smidge.

Is there any retouching that is not included?

While I do my very best to eliminate your ‘problem areas’ naturally with specific angles, some clients may prefer some extreme editing. Should you have tan lines, I can recommend my favorite makeup artists to help you minimize these problems.

Where should my session be, and what should I bring?

I hold most of my sessions at the Pretty Jane Studio in Acworth, GA. Many clients prefer to rent a local boutique hotel room or suite depending on how many participants there will be, the keyword here, is local to Acworth or Dallas.  Any other city outside a 10 mile radius of my studio MUST be prior discussed.

When will my order be ready?

We are making decisions immediately after your shoot!  Please plan on spending an additional 30-45 minutes with me after your session to cull your images.  Products such as albums can take up to 3 weeks to arrive after the order is placed. If this session is for a special occasion, please book no later then 2 months in advance to allow all the products to arrive.

How do I book?

Please shoot me a text or call me!  Boudoir parties require a $100 deposit per participant, with the balance due on the day of the event. I accept many forms of payment but prefer cash or PayPal.