I had a great time and Tonee made me feel very comfortable.

Tonee is wonderful! Loved the pics!

Tonee is amazing! She is a phenomenal photographer with a talent for showing women of all shapes & sizes their natural beauty. Every woman should have the experience. My husband is quite pleased with the pictures too 🙂 Thank you, Tonee!

Thank you so much for the experience! You’re awesome! 

She was absolutely great! super professional and I would recommend her to anyone wanting great pictures and a perfect experience! thank you!

Tonee was wonderful, the whole experience was fun and empowering.

I really enjoyed the session…  I’ll definitely plan on doing this again after the baby and back to my old body!

Thank you so much, Tonee! I absolutely LOVE my images and can’t wait to surprise my husband for our anniversary! You really made this a fun, amazing experience, and let me see a little bit of my “sexy side” It was so fun!!!!!

I am so happy with the product.  You did a great job of making me feel comfortable since I’m an especially self-conscious person.  I actually want to do it again now!  Thank you!

Thanks for all your directions… they made the session not as awkward as I thought it was going to be!

I loved my session. Tonee made me feel very comfortable.  When I first viewed my pictures, I was self-conscious, but the more I looked at them, the more amazed I was.  It was a bucket list item and I am glad I did it.

I had so much fun during my session – you were a blast to work with! The first time I had the chance to see my pictures, I was impressed… My husband is in LOVE with all of them!

OOohhh! I love them Tonee!  Thank you, thank you!

I had a fantastic time doing the shoot! Everything was very organized and professional, and I felt so at ease in front of the camera, something I never imagined was possible. The way the photos turned out was amazing beyond words, and I can’t help but tell all my friends about it.

I never thought I would be the type of person who had the guts to do something like this. But after my first shoot, I’d do it again in a heartbeat! I’m super shy and reserved, but the photographer was phenomenal (yes you, Tonee!) and I couldn’t have been more comfortable! I never could have done that with a male photographer. I recommend it to all my friends either for a gift for your boyfriend, fiance, husband (as I did) or just to get dressed up all sexy-like and have a great time! The quality and content of the photos were beyond my expectations.

I am by no means a skinny girl…but when Tonee showed me the pics she took of me; I felt more beautiful than I could ever have imagined. Thanks to her and her pictures, I feel more alive and sexual than ever before! Thank you so much Tonee for making me look beyond the mirror and bringing back some much-needed self-confidence!

My photoshoot was an absolutely wonderful experience! It was the first time I felt beautiful, sexy, and confident–especially in front of a camera! Tonee made me feel relaxed and comfortable, which came across in my photos. Thank you to Tonee for making me feel so good about myself and giving my husband and I some gorgeous memories!

Dell Ann-
She is above amazing. She is great, very good work ethic. I have worked with her on a national project, just fantastic work. She is just very professional in all her work.

Tonee was AMAZING to work with! I have done photo shoots in the past but they were never as comfortable as when I did my session. And the photos turned out wonderful! I have recommended her to several of my friends as well as friends of my mother’s! If you get the opportunity to work with Tonee, take it because she is an awesome and talented professional!

We LOVED them! We loved them so much! I know he didn’t quit looking at them for a good 3 days, though. You did a wonderful job, thank you!

About a month ago, I had no idea who Tonee was or what boudoir photos even were. My wife completely surprised me with the photos of her session with Tonee on our anniversary, while we were out for the day and I could barely keep from ripping her clothes off on the spot. My shy, girl next door, wife was looking amazing in some of the sexiest photos I have ever seen. For the rest of the day, while we were out and about, she kept flashing me those same sultry smiles I saw in those pictures and it drove me wild. Thank you Tonee for bringing my wife out of her shell and capturing how amazingly hot she is.

I LOVE THEM! Thank you!

These are INCREDIBLE! Thank you!!